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Some facts & tips

Posted by itheabsolute on February 22, 2006

Some of those things which i thought may help the prospective students………

1. Don’t ever annoy your employer or boss. You never know when you may need them. If you dont feel committed, at least feign.

2. Go through the syllabus (available at http://www.isb.edu). If you are weak on subjects such as statistics or math, good time to review them.

3. I don’t have a great view of the pre-term courses (stats, accounting and math). But taking at least one course will bring you here. The best time to make friends and get settled is during pre-term and orientation. Believe me, a lot of friendships are already made by the end of pre-term and orientation.

4. Try to visit ISB and get a feel of it. Settling down will be easier.

5. Try to connect with some existing students / alumni. Understand what is important and what is not.

6. Dont splurge. You will need a lot of money here. Apart from fee, one has to pay for books, suits, food, and a little bit of entertainment.

7. Dont get suits stitched now. You may go down or get fat during your stay. Get suits stitched closer to the dates of interview. There is a very good tailor who visits campus two months before the interviews. Gives good deals.

8. If you are not organized or disciplined, try and see how you can improve in these departments. These are the two most important attributes required during the ISB days.

9. It is never too late to start thinking about career and industries you want to work in. Start now.

10. Many people tell you to chill out. I have different views. You are spending INR 16+ lac for education, which again is means to achieving something better in career. Homework never hurts. Having said that, just before you come, it is a good idea to take a break for a week.

11. Get two umbrellas. The other one if you lose the first one. If you are married you may need more. You will also get to buy umbrellas at ISB store.

12. Get sun glasses too.

13. ISB days will perhaps be your only time during which you will wear casuals. SOme people come to classes in shorts.

14. First term courses – Statistics, Microeconomics, Financial Accounting and Marketing Management. Dont spend on books. You should be able to find good amount of study material over internet. Googling skills are important. Good time to improve them.

15. 99% of the students carries cell phones. You will get good offers from local telecom services providers. ensure you carry your mobile fones.

16. ICICI offers credit cards to students. of course, subject to eligibility.

17. Student elections happen during first term. Please think carefully before you elect someone. There will be a lot of promises made.

18. If you are married and can spare some money, buy a DVD player (if you already have one, even better). There is a very good collection of movies at the library (LRC). Spouse can have a good time watching movies.

19. Think of brining your two / four wheelers. You will need them a lot to go into the city. There is a shuttle service available between the school and the city. But the timings may not match with your requirements.

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