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Posted by itheabsolute on February 26, 2006

” A lasting text is the one that lends itself to interpretation in changing times. Stereotypes and clichés dominate our thinking, fatiguing our minds and thereby our perspective.They stampede our personal vision and sabotage our individuality. To use some of the best-written books to cull out the meaning of leadership and our roles as professionals, is an overarching objective of this course.” The first sentence of the syllabus notes for “Leadership Lessons from World Literature”.

Term VIII begins tomorrow. In many ways, the last times that most of us will go to a formal classroom. Though academics is the last thing on the minds of many people, that the line up of the courses and professors is quite intersting and illustrious makes the term quite awaited.

Marketing Strategy, Advanced Corporate Finance and Leadership Lessons from World Literature are the courses I will attend this term. The last one is much awaited for its sheer novelty. The second one because it is being taught by the famed Professor Francesca Cornelli (you may want to google her name and photo 🙂 ).

I am struggling to find time to put my interview experience to paper. Once i am done, i will post it to the blog. Not that i am busy with anything. that i dont have anything important to do has kept me quite busy.

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