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God is in details

Posted by itheabsolute on February 1, 2006

BCG shortlist did not cause any surprise. It appeared as though both McK and BCG had a joint session to come out with shortlists. I say this because both the shortlists have many common students, most of whom are IITians.

IITians are in great demand. As they say, the biggest differentiator in this age is the ability to get into microdetails. Both Investment Banking and Consulting need from people the ability to get into microdetails and still be able to put these data into a structure. In investment banking, structuring of deals is critical and without being able to know what others will find difficult to know, there is no way to structure exotic products. Similarly in consulting, being able to rip apart a process or a system and see much more than what the client himself can see is what is quite critical in achieving cost savings or new product designs. The world belongs to the people who have an eye for detail and structure. God indeed is in details.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I have not been shortlisted.

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