I, The Absolute

I,theabsolute Explained

I firmly believe that much of our life happens between our two ears. Go to sleep; the world vanishes. Open the eyes; there is the entire world to see. Expand knowledge; the world enlarges. Constrain mind with ritual, prejudice, vanity, etc, the world becomes a difficult place. Fall in love; the world becomes a lovelier place. Win something (I) have longed for; the world shows excellent promise. Lose something (I) have; the world is doomed. Go to a place where (I) want to be; world is heaven. Get stuck up in a wrong place; world is hell. When I am the boss, I am the power. When I am the subordinate, power is ugly. When I am a child, I want parents to understand. When I am a parent, I wish children understood me. I see myself in terms of what I can be. Doesn’t matter if others judge me by what I am. I see myself through my eyes; I see others also through my eyes. I remember what I speak, not what others speak. The world begins when I wake up from sleep. The world shuts when I go to sleep. I am the absolute; all others relative.

PS: For explanation on the world of sleep/dreams, consult Freud

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