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Posted by itheabsolute on February 23, 2006

There are some vindictive / vitriolic mails that i see in yahoogroups. It is human to take to rumors that have negative attributes than those that have positive.

Let me begin by this – i am told that today an IT company has offered the highest INR salary. am also told that someone has received unheard of FCY salary. this is fantastically good for ISB. It is not without reason that companies offer high salaries to ISB students. Recruiters see value in ISB students. These two salaries will be all time high records for any b-school in India.

People reading too much into the placement process should stop for a while and think. Coming to ISB is a conscious decision and should have been a well thought one. If people prefer short term over long term, then the results could be dangerous.

All i can say is if one is coming to ISB to increase his salary after the course, then it better not be. If someone is patient to look beyond the next year and think about the options an MBA experience can offer in the medium and long term, then the investment and time are worth it. Even from a financial perspective, no project gives returns in one year. NPV calculation is a good measure of the returns. As someone suggested, an option pricing model is even better.

ISB is a “choice” we make. We always have an option not to.


I am not even suggesting that salaries dont jump. There are people going out with 300 – 400 % increase in salary. For senior guys, the increase in salary will not be as dramatic.

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