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Posted by itheabsolute on February 23, 2006

There are some vindictive / vitriolic mails that i see in yahoogroups. It is human to take to rumors that have negative attributes than those that have positive.

Let me begin by this – i am told that today an IT company has offered the highest INR salary. am also told that someone has received unheard of FCY salary. this is fantastically good for ISB. It is not without reason that companies offer high salaries to ISB students. Recruiters see value in ISB students. These two salaries will be all time high records for any b-school in India.

People reading too much into the placement process should stop for a while and think. Coming to ISB is a conscious decision and should have been a well thought one. If people prefer short term over long term, then the results could be dangerous.

All i can say is if one is coming to ISB to increase his salary after the course, then it better not be. If someone is patient to look beyond the next year and think about the options an MBA experience can offer in the medium and long term, then the investment and time are worth it. Even from a financial perspective, no project gives returns in one year. NPV calculation is a good measure of the returns. As someone suggested, an option pricing model is even better.

ISB is a “choice” we make. We always have an option not to.


I am not even suggesting that salaries dont jump. There are people going out with 300 – 400 % increase in salary. For senior guys, the increase in salary will not be as dramatic.

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  1. hi all

    As per the policy i cannot reveal the numbers right now. The moment i may, i will. the CTC figures need to be worked out yet.

    the records being set are all time records for any b-school ever.

    there are two things – the school and the person. the school can at best influence what a person does to the extent of not more than 50 %. the rest is left to the person. not all Harvard guys make it to top. Not all that made it to top are from top b-schools. the fire in the belly thing is important. all that a b-school or any other good school can do is provide platform.


  2. abby said

    I have been following ur blog from some time, and must say i really admire ur attitude towards things! I am working for an MNC in hyd, and plann’n to give GMAT in net three months. If u can spare 15-20 mins, can u plz gimme ur cell no. would like to speak with you about GMAT whenever ur free.
    -abhay (abhay.rathi@gmal.com)
    BTW, congrats for ur job 🙂

  3. Kapil said

    Vijay..ur profile pic sums it up ur attitude..straight and no nonsense..congratz on ur placement ..all the best for ur future..
    The noise anout the salaries and placements symptomatic of the Indian attitude towards an MBA..It is percieved more as a big ticket opportunity for a cushy job and big bucks rather than a tool of empowerment for realization of managerial/leadership/enterpreneurial potential and excellence .
    We see fresh faced graduates enroll in IMS or career launcher for their big CAT break,without any clue of what a career goal is…Somewhere even the IIM’s are to blame for this ruckus by actually cradle snatching and getting them undeserved salaries .
    The Indian B schools may make excellent managers , but ever a leader or a visionary of consequence …i seriously doubt..
    I would welcome ur comments

  4. Hey Vijay

    Congratulations on the job…
    you surely deserve it..

    could you provide us with some more details on how the interview was and what the interviewers were stressing on?

  5. Anonymous said

    hey….thanks for the reply and the wishes.

    well, i am very well aware of the points u mentioned….but im not looking for an essaylike ans. wat i meant was ….see i’m aware of the first three…bec ive studied in usa myself so the first 3obiv applies to a lotta univs there too. infact we have done a lot of other extra ciricular as well and i feel we r equally good if not better than any isbians. we’ve done comm services, have had many inclass case studies etc which here in india is not even available at the commerce level! then wats the whole hype and hoopla about?

    now reg the ciricullum…u know that is one thing that really attracted me to apply in the first place and even now ive targeted schools which have a strong ciricullum.

    but how is it that ppl who’ve graduated fm IIM’s and IIT’s still have a mediocre jobs n job profile but isbians grab such huge offers? sure ppl wld all do mba(like the trend in ’90s). i have a lotta colleagues at my workplace who’ve graduated fm iim’s -suppose to tbe the elite class as well but aint at that great a post then where does the punch lie for isbians? though i know stats on this is low…..but still very well present in the indian job scenario.
    sometimes i wonder if my specialized mba wld give me jus another job!

    any insights wld prove helpful. oh n btw congrats 🙂

  6. Anonymous said

    Just a clarification … are the records broken vis-a-vis the current year so far or vis-a-vis last year ?

  7. Alumni 2003 said

    Well written .. very mature … By the way which is the company that gave the higest indian and the company that gave the highest foreign salary ?


  8. Anuj said

    Hey Vijay , you have amazing clarity of your goals and expectations.. i think this comes with age 🙂

    All the ppl whome i met who have more work ex talk abt long term goals and fit 🙂 And some of the ISBians with a younger profile talk more abt ROI 🙂

  9. Anonymous said

    Hi VJ:

    You mentioned highest salaries
    what is the highest offer this
    season, don’t have to be precise
    a ballpark #, please in Indian Re’s

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