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Random Factors

Posted by itheabsolute on April 14, 2022

To be skilful is a must. So when random factors come together to capitalise on our skill, we would be ready. Attributing success to skill more than we ought to is the centre of new age thinking leading to people questioning their skills, beliefs and ability.

Trump was cancelled on Twitter. One random factor may end up getting Trump back on Twitter which may eventually lead to his coming back as the Potus. Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter could make it a lot less censored leading to Trump’s coming back. Trump or his own skills have nothing to do with this. But this event if it were to happen will certainly influence Trump’s success.

Life is a lot less like Chess but a lot more like Poker. I have stopped beating myself up for outcomes I cannot fully control. My response is the only factor I can control.

To Randomness!

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I am not my past; nor my future

Posted by itheabsolute on April 10, 2022

It is uncanny that we have this ability to not relate to our own selves from past or in future, particularly so in future. We deselect our memory to distance ourselves from what we didn’t like about us from past; what we remember, we rationalise. We procrastinate and take sub-optimal decisions which more than say we don’t love our future selves.

One could argue we ought live for the present. That there is hardly any argument to love past or future over our present if it meant a compromise in the present. We however are a continuum with past influencing our present, and present impacting our future. So the present is but a moment in this continuum should make us relate to our past and more to our future.

What’s with this philosophical mishmash – as I write today after long with good part of life having gone by in between, I don’t wonder why I never took the effort to write frequently which could have made this domain a record of how my thoughts evolved. How I could have monetized this domain.

PS: Oh this generalisation! There are millions who have done / do a better job of managing this continuum. Even basic savings which billions do every month disprove my argument that people don’t love their future selves. But savings are easier than gymming or eating well. Or writing!

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