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Unromantic times

Posted by itheabsolute on February 14, 2006

Interviews on valentine’s day. there could not have been more unromantic combination. but the times are such that people are willing to sit for interviews anytime and any day. for some companies, interviews may have to run late into nights or even into early mornings.

shortlists have started to come out. i have so far applied to 6 companies (pls dont remind me of BCG), of which one company has released shortlist. i am in.

companies continue to demand day 1 slot. in past, there have been many students who have had courage to wait and strike it rich with a company that has come much later on campus. professional success in life is not a function of the company one works for. it is a function of one’s own knowledge and skills, but much more importantly drive, ambition and attitude.

Trauma transforms was the shibboleth with which we began our journey here. now is the most traumatic of times. if we dont utilise this time to transform ourselves by keeping the cool, and thinking beyond today and $$, there is little that we have taken away from this experience.

Jobs can be gotten any day. an opportunity to transform, not many times.

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