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Why Writer’s Block?

Posted by itheabsolute on July 25, 2006

The censoring of blogspot did not do me too good as it put a brake on what was supposedly my liberation from writer’s block.

Why writer’s block?

I am more creative than structured (the word creative is, of course, euphemism for being sloppy in thinking). Now the last thing one can afford in consulting is not to be structured, in almost everything that one does. In the process of picking up the new lessons, I seem to have left my mind confused and my heart constrained.

In addition, in the consulting world, my style of writing qualifies for being bad or lacking in flow and logic. What is needed is business like writing by keeping always in mind the lessons William Strunk, Jr. taught in his legendary, the Elements of Style. In the process of picking up business English, I seem to have lost the touch with my style.

As I get more and more into the consulting world, I will, I hope, discover a new style of thinking and writing, which will let me blog continually and peacefully.

Bw, I really cannot over-emphasize the importance of proficiency in structured thinking & business writing, because in consulting powerpoint and write-ups, which depend heavily on the above two skills, are some of the most important outputs for which one gets appraised.

6 Responses to “Why Writer’s Block?”

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  2. doris said

    You still got writers block? Where you been?

  3. yxbhhnhbg said


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  4. doris said

    I don’t think creative means you are sloppy in thinking. I think it means you don’t follow the normal structure is all.

  5. jasmine said

    oh 😦 i guess then i really wont be a good consultant -i.e if i were to go for it- w/o efficient writing n good command over my eng language? 😦 …..um now i’m really skeptic if i shld go on to be a consultant….

  6. Anonymous said


    Yesm we do need proficiency in thinking and writing…in consulting world.


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