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Is 1+1 > 2?

Posted by itheabsolute on May 18, 2005

• We all talk about two heads better than 1 and in fact two heads better than 2 itself. The is called synergy. The entire concept of group work is based on this. But, in reality, is1+1 greater than 2? It depends. What these heads are determine the outcome of the combination of these heads. The weighted average is very important here. If one fellow has a lower IQ or has an equal IQ but operates at lower efficiency, then it is a drag on the other one, which results in 1+1 2. Again if one is irrational and the other is rational, then 1+1

3 Responses to “Is 1+1 > 2?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi Vijay,

    Nice analogy.

    This type of “Pairing” in Informatin Technology called as “XP” (Xtreme Programing).


  2. hi mansi

    fully agree with you that you dont need a b-school example to observe people and the dynamics involved in the interaction. my choice of the school is to give these dynamics in a time perspective. what happens to people when they know that they are going to be around for one year. in a party, say, if i were a participant, i can choose to quit whenever i want. sure, u just need an eye to observe things. u can get to know of people anywhere.


  3. mansi said

    interesting take but then what u say happens everywhere just that the pace at ISB is much faster so evrything seems so…. what better way to watch group dynamics than sitting & observing from a corner in a party u wud be amazed at what u discover

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