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Revisiting some of the first impressions/observations

Posted by itheabsolute on May 25, 2005

Café – I curse myself for having written this off and been presumptuous to say that at worst I will go there to have some odd muffin on an odd day. This café has become our haven and one can find us there almost everyday.

During pre-term, the math Prof had scared the hell out of me by his CHIs and PIs. Now these seem to be a part of life. I have added more of such things to my life. I deal with “dou”, “lamda” and sundry other Greek letters to understand some complex subjects. What would life have been without Greek alphabet. Where would we have gone to borrow alphabet to represent a standard deviation or a mean.

Some couples who I had thought had parted are seen together again. Did they ever part at all? Or did something bring them back together?

I had declared that it is but rarely that one can spot me without the laptop on my being. Hardly so. I hate carrying it around. And leave it at home, not whenever necessary, but whenever possible.

I felt pretty damn cool when I knew that internet speeds on wireless ran at 400 Mbps. I hardly use wireless.

I also felt damn cool about Library being open till 2 a.m. With so much of info made available by our library online, it really does not matter to me if it is closed by 2 p.m. or a.m.

At the cost of repetition, stats and econ have become my pet subjects. I am holding myself back on writing about econ and stats. These subjects are going to change the way I will look at the world. I will write about the practical application of these once I am through with my first term.

Some people who I had thought were party animals have suddenly donned saintly demeanor. They study more than I can ever imagine studying.

Remember? Coffee machines at ISB offer coffee only with 5 rupee coins. I felt that people will start hoarding 5 rupee coins not to be let down by having money enough to afford a coffee but not having 5 rupee coin. Not so. People don’t change easily. I always find people asking others for 5 rupee coins.

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