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Night Watchman

Posted by itheabsolute on May 20, 2005

I have taken a volte face since the time I came here. Statistics is turning out to be my favorite subject. Economics is another favorite. I don’t like marketing. What’s there to it? If some one told me that people see ads and then buy, I would discount what he said by 70 %. But the quant-aspect of marketing is surely a good take away. Accounting is fine. As a part of my job, I have done analysis of financial statements for a long time to really need an accounting class. But doing T-accounts is not something I can ever do or imagine doing. Why Stats and Econ? They have universal application. To the end of knowing more of these two subjects, I will invest more time on these and more money to buy additional books on these.

Last four days (nights too) have been completely dedicated to the study of statistics. Tomorrow we have our first exam and the only mid-term exam. To our rescue, we can use cheat sheets. So, no need to worry over memorizing formulae / equations. But there is always a problem studying with exam in mind. One generally is not left with time to go beyond the course material to improve understanding. After all, what am I doing my MBA for? To get knowledge and be able to use this in the job after graduation. But the pressure of relative grading and even the need to be among B grades is enough to put every such attempt in the back burner. Here I go….. back to preparing for my exam

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