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Posted by itheabsolute on May 9, 2005

The stoic phlegm of the last seventy two hours is explainable. To say the least these hours have been quite disillusioning. We began with our venture of making first marketing business plan and solving tricky calculus equations for our economics assignment. We have bungled. At least it appears so. The grades will speak more than I can ever write.

The positive side of these hours is that I have become rugged and enduring. Waking till 3 a.m. or so was a distant possibility, if not an impossibility. Today it appears a part of routine. More time means more time to work and think. Good.

Statistics is supposed to be hard numbers. But as the days pass, it is getting more and more nebulous. Marketing and Economics have hijacked the time that should have been available for and spent on Accounting and Statistics. If things persist the way they are, comprehending Statistics , thus clearing the exam, will be an uphill task.

Till we complete our core curriculum, we have to work in groups. Group dynamics are the most indefinable. At office, hierarchy and longer interaction set the power and intellectual equations. Managing people/groups and thus tasks/assignments is relatively easy. In an environment where all are equal, it takes time to get the synergies to work. In the normal course, the power equations would set to work, but perhaps it will be a while before it can be of any use to the group, the existence of which is for a short duration.

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