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Peer-learning; Sexist Pronouns; Self-understanding; Holistic approach

Posted by itheabsolute on May 13, 2005

• One aspect which many at ISB tend to ignore is to learn from other students. All that I bothered to ask about other students is name, section-, group-numbers, education- and industry-background. Rarely beyond this. Today I resolved to delve deep into what others have done in their work. If others indulge me, I will go as far as asking what their daily routine was, important aspects of job, and is there anything in their experiences that they can relate to the topics being taught.

• The world of MBA, from GMAC to various other MBA-admissions consulting firms and then to the b-schools themselves, uses the pronouns SHE/HER wherever there is a need to use a pronoun for a person. This is something different from the most of the rest of the world has been doing or is doing. Use HE/HIS/HIM to represent a person.*

• MBTI thing has been bothering me a lot. While I still resent to be fit into a type or category, I realize that I can use this tool to do introspection in a methodical fashion. I want to use MBTI along with the Johari Window** to know more about myself. Based on the findings, I am willing to throw away all assumptions that I ever had about myself, even it means the process is going to hurt.

• While I am still struggling to find a way out of the maze drawn by the Profs during the first two weeks, I realize that it is important not to just stick to the curriculum. Marketing, Accounting, Statistics and Economics are various wings of an organization. Ultimately it is the organization as a whole that has to progress and maximize stakeholder (not just shareholder but include shareholders, customers, vendors, employees and even society at large) value. Given this assumption, it becomes imperative that I integrate the learning from each subject and use the learnings to see the larger picture. I cannot claim I am anywhere closer to this grand objective. The resolve will however be to get there.

Post Scriptum:

*I am neither against nor for using SHE/HER. I, however, will continue using HE/HIS/HIM. I am a male and I cannot do disservice to my sex

**the Johari Window is another fantastic tool which enables better self-understanding and interpersonal relationships

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