I, The Absolute

Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part I

Posted by itheabsolute on March 14, 2005

1. Most of the religions have born in deserts or during times when there was much misery

2. Travel on a beam of light

3. Culture and Region have a stronger correlation than culture and religion

4. Is HBS right in denying admission to the candidates who peeked into the application system to know their admission status?

5. Is there a need for Prince Charles and Camilla to marry “now”?

6. What will human beings evolve into?

7. Is man the purpose of the Universe?

8. Is Aishwarya Rai the most beautiful woman?

9. Can she ever stop giggling on screen?

10. The necessity of having an opinion; the implications thereof

11. I heard someone say, “I am an Indian, but don’t own an inch of it”.

12. Did Mountbatten approve of Nehru-Edwina’s affair?

13. Is platonic love possible?

14. Once expressed, an emotion ceases to be an emotion and is an expression…only an expression

15. Are human beings born to work?

16. What would Ravana write if he wrote ‘Ramayana’?

17. Will I ever get rid of cell phone in my life?

18. Can anyone carry ‘the’ latest cell phone for more than a week?

19. Will an Indian be ever able to wear a right sized “Tommy Hilfiger”?

20. How many times were you hit by the boxer’s hand during the day

21. How will life be after “with malice towards one and all” stops getting published?

22. Will we ever celebrate ‘men’s day’?

5 Responses to “Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part I”

  1. good responses. i will give u pass mark.

  2. Chico said

    5.Yes, Prince Charles thinks “Tommorow” never comes

    6. Ghost

    7. No, purpose of the “Earth”

    8. I never “Quoted” that

    11.He must be “Poor”

    13.Yes, If “Platto” would have been around

    15. They born to “Starve”

    16.Ravana calls it “Ravanayana”

    17. Get “Deaff” soon

    19. Yes, when they “Grow Up”

    22.Ofcourse, but only after “Womens Day”

  3. Anonymous said

    No, was just confused by your thoughts 🙂


  4. absolutely. does the post make you think otherwise?

  5. bharani said

    ??? Things are all right at your end? 🙂

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