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Sharks Vs Poets

Posted by itheabsolute on March 17, 2005

B-school students from backgrounds, which have much of analytical work, are called sharks; b-school students from non-traditional backgrounds who are relatively weak in analytical skills are called poets. The IB and Consulting jobs, number-crunching/quant driven that they are, usually go to the sharks. Poets go back to industries they have come from, but at a higher level or take career break at lower grades and salaries.

What are the attributes of a shark?

1. High GMAT
2. High analytical skills
3. Background in mathematics or engineering or accounting
4. Objective driven – knows where he has to go
5. Focussed – knows what to read to reach where he wants to go
6. Usually amongst the dean’s list
7. Feared before placements
8. Popular after placements (becoz he has gotten into GS)

What are the attributes of a poet?

1. Perhaps, high GMAT. But GMAT score is thanks to verbal percentile
2. Low on analytical skills
3. Background in arts or in sciences but has never studied in undergrad college
4. When was the first term over? Was thinking it was pre-term
5. Taking all the electives and subjects seriously. Never know which industry I will join
6. Dean’s list – what is it
7. Popular before placements – thank god becoz of poets there is that much less competition
8. Placements – uuff…finally got a job

PS: No offence meant to anyone. Was only trying to caricature. Further reading: Snapshots from Hell by Peter Robinson.

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