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There is a first time for everything

Posted by itheabsolute on March 9, 2005

I like the punch line of Emirates – when was the last time you did something for the first time. thought provoking!

With ISB admit and April 16 coming closer, my “things to do” list is only getting long. many of these things i have done / am doing / will do for the first time.

– resignation. have done this before. but resigning without a job in hand. first time.
– went to a bank to seek a loan. first time.
– in search of personal guarantor. first time.
– started a blog. first time.
– put a stop on unplanned expenditure. first time.
– getting organised. first time.
– reading. do this regularly. studying. will do this for first time.
– study at a co-ed school. first time after 7th standard.
– buy items for house. many times. selling items to raise money. first time.
– request received to give guest lectures at two tier ii b-schools. first time.

… to be continued

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Blogging – Dos and Donts

Posted by itheabsolute on March 9, 2005

Good to see a few of ISB admits venturing into the world of blogging. I am of firm belief that blogging helps not only the blogger, but also the reader community. No doubt, if the blogger is a b-school student, blogging will help the school too as the blogger/student will share minutia which otherwise will not be readily available to the prospective applicants. Blogging will be enabler of decision making to the prospective applicants

now that i have decided to blog regularly, i wanted to set the guidelines (not exhaustive) for my blog. i would like to keep close to these dos and donts

– Anonymity could have been better. i could have been more candid. that would have allowed me to speak the truth nothing but the truth. now with an identifiable face and name behind my blog, i can only approximate the truth. because sometimes the truth can hurt. but wherever needed i will bring out the truth and expect others to appreciate this.

– however, i will refrain from discussing individuals. Will also try and keep my blog less fact based and more opinion based. my opinion, that is.

– all my writing is an extension of my mind. and my mind is not a static organ of my body. it is dynamic. it will change with new info and new contexts. i would like to change with time and okay with being labeled inconsistent than being labeled consistent and unchanging

– i write with an audience in mind. If i were writing for myself, i would write a private diary. So comments are welcome. the good feed my ego; the critical ones will hurt my ego. but both types of comments are welcome. the critical ones will make me improve my thoughts as much as my writing.

– i will try and write everyday. will certainly not apologise if i take break from blogging. i know nobody but i would miss myself.

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