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Flush the ego down the loo

Posted by itheabsolute on March 10, 2005

A few ideas on how one can be successful in personal and professional life (I, however, chase happiness, not success, as an objective of life)

1.World is made of people. Other things are incidental. Give me a boring person and a super computer. I will choose the former. Work with people. Results will be easy to get
2.Try to keep ego under lock and key. Better, flush the ego down the loo.
3.Authority is in acceptance; not execution. So we cannot wield authority without someone not accepting it. To make someone accept authority, first get acceptable to people.
4.Humor: I am told human beings are the only animals that can laugh. But these days I hardly see people laughing (me included). It is imperative that we consciously work towards improving our ability to smile and laugh, make others laugh.
5.Introspect. Perhaps, I was wrong.
6.Apologize: ever heard of a dramatic shift in perspectives. an apology can do this. apologize when you think you are wrong (even remotely). Life can be that much better
7.Communication is communicator’s responsibility.
8.Wife is the best friend. Try talking to her as if you spoke to a friend
9.We work for the boss, not necessarily the organisation (further reading: First Break All the Rules)
10.Exercise. Ouch!
11.We build up so much of unwanted information / we get so conditioned that we become too predictable and boring. Keep unlearning.

Did I talk about relevant knowledge and skills to perform in the job you handle. Btw, they are needed too.

Post Scriptum: Is modesty a virtue or a vice?

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