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The Power of Consumption, Positive Attitude, Visa Denial, Free Food and Chennai

Posted by itheabsolute on March 21, 2005

1. Where does the US derive so much of power from? Military might. Perhaps. Economic power. Bull’s eye. How? The US consumes maximum amount of world produce. All goods/services producing countries are dependent on the US to sell their products. If the US puts a ban on a country’s exports of goods or services, anyone can imagine what would happen to that country. Its currency may become weak or be made weak; its economy could be under recession or inflation; but, the US will remain powerful as long as it remains the largest consumer. The assumption that China would become powerful by merely producing maximum amount of goods or services is incorrect.

2. Was in Chennai during the day. Had discussions with boss on next year business numbers. Thanks to various factors, things have not been hunky dory this year. What is in store next year? I will not be around. Replacement is more or less finalized. Boss wanted doubling of budget numbers. How to achieve them considering that the GDP or market size is not going to double. Boss has a few simple solutions. Prima facie, they may look simplistic, but not so when one thinks deep. Positive Attitude, Can do Approach, Removing existing mental blocks & Passion will work solutions. Assuming that one has a modicum of intelligence and skills necessary to perform the job. Our entire three hours of discussions centered on these attributes, how they could help and a few live examples. Self-fulfilling prophecy: It is said that that when you repeatedly want something to happen, you will work towards that something (though mostly un- / sub -consciously). Many experiments have been done to prove or disprove this point. It appears that it happens. Hence my boss’s insistence on positive/can do attitude. Unless we believe that we are going to do and achieve the number (or for that matter anything) it is very unlikely that we would achieve it. (More on self-fulfilling prophecy and how it would affect our ISB performance, later)

3. India is our country. We should retain the right to allow or not permit someone into the country. Let the US decide who can enter its land or not. Denial of visa to someone famous does not mean the US has been mean to us. Look around what the country has done to thousands of Indians who have migrated to the country.

4. Don’t know why, but I cannot resist the temptation of eating the food served on flights. The food served on flights could be bought for at worst INR 200. And I know that the cost of food is included in the cost of my ticket. Then why is my penchant for this food (though I am not a great lover of food per se). Perhaps, because it comes free (?).

5. If I have to point one important reason why Chennai’s economy is far superior to Hyderabad’s I will point to the fact that Chennai has manufacturing facilities set up by Ford, HM and Hyundai around Chennai. Other reasons include: Port City, erstwhile British City, Amma’s rule, Tamil cinema industry.

PS: I am not willing or eager to eat all that comes free though.

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