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Here I come

Posted by itheabsolute on March 3, 2005

One more blogger. Will i do any good other than appeasing my own narcissistic instincts. yes / no. only the days to come will determine. i have put up a sitemeter on my blog. if the number of visits increases, then the site is doing the readers some good. or i will remain the curse of the internet age.

from my side, i have a good reason to blog. i have received admit letter from the Indian School of Business. I will blog my experiences during the one year that I will spend there. not just distance, but putting things in black and white also brings clarity to many thoughts. as i blog my experiences in the coming year, i would watch the changes i will go through. i hope to give up some bad habits, pick some good ones. i would not be surprised if i picked up some new bad habits along.

Though there is no magic attached to it, perhaps, will also write about my experiences of how I got into the school. any takers?

2 Responses to “Here I come”

  1. Anuj said

    Yes wuld be glad to know how you got in 🙂 so that I can follow the steps !!–>

  2. Yes. I am listening and would love to read your experiences. You will have my attendance every day.

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