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ISB grads rake in INR 1 crore

Posted by itheabsolute on March 31, 2006

Grab today’s ET. It talks about ISB’s $ salaries………. As many as five graduates seem to have been offered $ 200,000 salaries and this is unprecedented in the history of Indian B-schools. Though the highest salary number is yet to be released, it is rumored that at least one of them may have been offered a salary higher than the all time high salary received by a IIMC grad in 2001 – $ 225000. There is no report on the INR salaries yet. Another week to go before the numbers come out officially.

Though I was quick to post this, I have not left behind my belief that flashing out top few salaries are a marketing feat of the b-schools and the crave of our Media for these stories as it is easy to sell them. A b-school is much more than the top salaries grabbed by a few people. And thus, evaluation of a b-school should be based on various non-financial metrics as well.

7 Responses to “ISB grads rake in INR 1 crore”

  1. Sarang / Aspirant

    Wait for Wednesday to get the detailed info. thanks and all the best


    I greatly respect the Press. But i also appreciate the incentives of the individuals who operate out of their KRAs.

    chirantan / neelima

    thanks for your comments. appreciate. all the best for your efforts.

  2. Neelima said

    Hi Vijay,
    I never wrote here before but have been an avid reader of your blog. It gave me a nice peek of life at ISB. I plan to be there sometime. All the best and Congrats!

  3. Chirantan said

    Hi Vijay, been more of a silent reader of your blog. They are always so articulately written and yet devoid of excess flab. Gave me a very interesting insight into a so eventful life @ ISB. Plan to app next year for it. Wishing you all the best for the Consulting Carreer ahead.

  4. Anonymous said

    For those who wanted to flush out the ET report heres another un..try this link


    This is a CNBC take on the subject.. This is what you guys shud be #$@#%& about. This is plagiarism and misreporting of the first order!
    Try to find the difference and you wud be just one step ahead in understanding media

  5. Anonymous said

    Whoa.. great news.. Vijay.. can you elaborate on the news.
    Which companies paid 200K+, location of posting, profile (not names) of students who have got such packages & if possible the real story – Fixed, variable, Bonus, currency details of the package.


  6. Anonymous said

    I didnt grab ET.. oh hell.. I wrote the story so why shud I.
    You know..ppl hv this perception(s) about media and its reinforced by some factors becuz ppl want it that way.
    Ya Media does luk for such quantified stuff to give to readers becuz thats what ppl want to read..Having said that it is not meant to increase sales.. it never actually increases sales.
    And we are just reporting chief.. its a news which is a news and well a news!
    the gyan and the unglamorous stuff is left for the editorials!
    As for judging a B-Schhol.. if a student just goes ahead full throttle for one which recorded the highest offer in the “previous year” then he is a fool of first order.
    At that level a student shud hv his own hed to decided how to interpret a news and if he doesnt then I m sorry to say he is full of $#@!

  7. Sarang said

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!
    1 Crore INR…surely for ISBians sky is the limit.
    Keep doing good work 🙂
    All the best.

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