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ISB grads rake in INR 1 crore

Posted by itheabsolute on March 31, 2006

Grab today’s ET. It talks about ISB’s $ salaries………. As many as five graduates seem to have been offered $ 200,000 salaries and this is unprecedented in the history of Indian B-schools. Though the highest salary number is yet to be released, it is rumored that at least one of them may have been offered a salary higher than the all time high salary received by a IIMC grad in 2001 – $ 225000. There is no report on the INR salaries yet. Another week to go before the numbers come out officially.

Though I was quick to post this, I have not left behind my belief that flashing out top few salaries are a marketing feat of the b-schools and the crave of our Media for these stories as it is easy to sell them. A b-school is much more than the top salaries grabbed by a few people. And thus, evaluation of a b-school should be based on various non-financial metrics as well.

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