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Same Time, Same Day, Next Week

Posted by itheabsolute on April 2, 2006

A few parties, a few sign offs from ISB admn, taking back up of data, efforts at trying to swim, more of squash, searching for a leased accomodation at Mumbai, being a lazybone, lotsa bitching about, a few more of good movies on DVD, desperately trying to organize course material, watching TV………but not the piece that i need to prepare for – leaving this place. It appears as though this place and the routine are the integral part of my being and I cannot imagine myself not being around.

Same time, same day, Next week – I will be gone from here. And will be missing this place very badly.

4 Responses to “Same Time, Same Day, Next Week”

  1. Anuj said

    I went thry the same thing after engineering college.. and would probably go through this again as you are feeling now..after I finish my mBA :)–>

  2. Anonymous said

    Vijay,Remember the life you left, to come to ISB.The anxiety, anticipation the wrecked emotions.But you found ISB and now its time to move on.Only good can come out of it.So hang on to your feelings and embrace the life ahead.Good luck.

  3. Kumar said

    Really enjoyed your BLOG. All the best for the future and keep happy blogging.

    Kumar, Co07

  4. Vijay,

    So u will be shifting to Mumbai? Great.

    All the best for ur future endeavours.

    Can u please post on how to prepare for MC interviews?. I’m hoping to do my MBA next year in ISB. In the meanwhile i’m planning to get myself suitable & enhance my skills for MC industry. Any inputs u provide will be really helpful.

    Also please continue blogging and provide us with gyaan on MC đŸ™‚

    – Murali

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