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It is body which carries mind

Posted by itheabsolute on March 17, 2006

The entire world seems to be obsessed with mind. More people than not just forget that it is body which carries mind.

A sick body cannot do any outward thinking. It is thus important to keep the body in shape and good condition to be able to have a sharp mind.

When Reliance issued its GDR (way back in 80s i guess), it is reported, some reporters asked Anil Ambani how he can manage a company as large as Reliance if cannot manage his own body. He was weighing 90 kilos then. He started jogging since. He now weights about 70 kilos.

It is imperative for managers and leaders to keep their body in fit condition as much as they try to keep their minds sharp.

Spending time in gym or playing a sport coupled with planned diet will go a long way in doing great favor to not just body but mind.

Anyone who ignores body and feels good about having the best intellect is not doing any good to himself. Nor to the people around him.

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