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World without a laptop

Posted by itheabsolute on August 12, 2005

Life was quite different without this machine around. I felt as though I was left out on an island without a possibility of communication. Or sometimes even worse, felt that I had lost something within me. Amputated. Laptop has almost become an extension of me. The failure of the laptop coincided with the mid-term exams (two of them) making my preparation relatively difficult. But, mind always wants to find excuses and keep them ready so that tomorrow explaining becomes easy. I do not want to use this excuse of not having my laptop working as an excuse to explain my poor scores. I did better than I had expected. And after the exams were over could not fathom if the laptop would have made things better or worse.

I believe that life is about people and not things. Strangely but looks like surely, these ‘things’ come to take of some place in our lives. People always want something to feel nostalgic about. With other people, egos come in between. But with things, it is quite easy. We can claim to “own” something and even “belong” to it.

But, when I have the power to decide, I know, I will surely want to decide to get rid of these things. For instance, I would encourage people to talk to each other than send mails (sending mails makes us use the machines).


What does a Formula racer do when someone tells him to go slow or that he does not have to drive at all. With the mid-term over, we have three days of nothingness. Most of us are confused when there is nothing to do. We scramble and try to fill the time with doing all the funny and crazy things that one usually does not think of. ISB is about shrinking the time into half and expanding the work into two. Quite contrasting with the life outside.

4 Responses to “World without a laptop”

  1. hi whoozline

    no wonder people who have their imagination faculties working actively think of books/movies where the machines take us over.

    it is like tipping point. i cannot afford not to use a mobile fone or a laptop because others use them and i will be left out. but when the time comes, i will choose. the ceo of the organization i worked for before, does not use mobile fone. he has received many many awards as the best ceo.

    i did lose data. will keep backing up the data once in a while. thanks


  2. hi anonymous

    realised that the weekend was not as easy as i had thought 😦


  3. Hi Vijay

    It is indeed amazing how much we have come to be depended on technology. I empathize with your observations about being “amputated” without a laptop, it sure does make us feel helpless. I think we all must learn live to some extent without feeling the pinch atleast for some time! Oh, by the way one more suggestion from my side, back-up, back-up the back-up of your data, I speak from experience. Hope you did not lose any valuable information. Enjoy the break!

  4. Anonymous said

    Lemme spoil your weekend 🙂
    1. Assignments – LDP, MADM, Entrepreneurship
    2. Apply for ELP
    3. Indicative bidding for electives
    4. Sessions/speeches organized by various clubs
    5. Ah! Pre-reading for Tues classes

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