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Posted by itheabsolute on August 8, 2005

Would we ever get into a car or a vehicle not knowing where we want to go? Without knowing how much of gas does it take to travel to the destination, do we ever blindly get into the car and keep driving only to find that mid-way we have exhausted the gas? Do we go to a destination just because others are going or do we have our own priorities on where we want to go? Just because it coincides with preferences of a few others, does not mean that we do not go through the process of decision making. Would we want to travel alone or want to have a company? At least, a music system and a few CDs are carried along. Do we go prepared or think we can do the preparation along the way? Some of them are getting the car serviced, having first aid kit, keeping some food and sundry items.

Why should life or career be any different?

Know your destination and the path. Answer these questions – where do you want to go; what do you want to become; is it career or life or career-life balance that you look for; do you have the steam in you; have you done enough prep; do you have reasons to come to a b-school; can you do what you want to do without going to a b-school; do you really know what is taught at a b-school; did you do the NPV calculation; are your people with you in this decision, etc

Post Scriptum: Apart from giving some idea on what life is like here, I would also try and cover some topics which may help the applicants to the Class of 2007. Trying to meet the popular demand.

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