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Free will is king

Posted by itheabsolute on August 1, 2005

• You get what you settle for

• It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it

• Luck is the residue of diligence

No matter what language is used to express it, the meaning is same – You decide your destiny. But what about determinism, fate, accidents, boss, etc, which/who are not under our control. Free will does not mean that all endeavors that we make are successful; life will be a bed of roses. 100 % bliss is never guaranteed in a world that is fundamentally intertwines uncertainty and relativity. If it cannot make life any better, what is free will, why not depend on the notion of fate and unexplainable as a better way of handling uncertainty in life. Free will is about making decisions to control where we want to be and owning responsibility of the decisions. For situations beyond our control, we can always control our responses to these situations and still manage them. It is not the situation per se but what it does to us is what bears more significance in our lives. By either creating a situation favorable to us or controlling our response to the situation, we can always be in control of what we want to be. Free will can thus lead one where one wants to go.

Post Scriptum: The sudden philosophical cogitation is a result of new experiences, observations and my own feelings, which have reinforced that the entire life is a result of what happens between our ears and not a whim of fate.

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