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Posted by itheabsolute on August 17, 2005

We are just ten days away from the third term exams and I haven’t covered a quarter of the syllabus. And no sooner do I start enjoying the concepts, the Professors bring in complex formulae in the derivation of which I get lost and cannot redeem myself. I have struggled to master quant, but now become clear that I am not made for it. I will stick to the Drucker’s advice – don’t work on weaknesses. I will hire someone who is good at quant.

This weekend we have BCG and Mckinsey coming to the campus. Both are late night sessions and will eat away good amount of time. I am coordinating BCG event. Hopeful that there are good takeaways from these. Some of the students have given up on consulting because of low grades and the scare of overload of work / travel in consulting jobs.

Tomorrow is the last day to apply to the student exchange programs (Kellogg / LBS / Duke, et al). After much deliberation, I have decided not to apply. My Singapore trip however is on. In between, Citibank will come to campus to interview students to decide scholarships. Most of the students given scholarship are absorbed into the bank. If I am able to get scholarship and strike a good bargain with Citibank within India, I may not look at Singapore option.

I had targeted to learn and get a good hang of 3Ss – Spanish, Squash and Swimming. I have started well with the first two and started enjoying them, particularly Squash. Swimming will get postponed till the year end.

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