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Posted by itheabsolute on June 25, 2005

• Man is a creature of habit. Not necessarily because Nature ordains him to be so. Man seeks to be guided by a set pattern in the way he lives. Routine is easy to follow and does not need thought. He deliberately pursues activities that allow him to set a routine. He keeps doing the same thing over and over again and almost starts looking forward to doing only those things that he has been doing or remain not do anything at all. This routine formation may happen over short period or longer period.

Our second term schedule at ISB is quite different and dynamic than the first term’s. Our classes come up at odd hours on the days when the classes were not supposed to be there (not supposed to be because classes were not scheduled like that in Term 1). Apart from causing discomfort, it has resulted in disorientation in some cases. Once routine is set changes to it are usually irritants. However, to moderate my extreme statement, add that Routine is a preferred behavior. This does not mean that all people are only routine oriented all the time and cannot adjust or improve. The development in the world provides proof to the contrary.

• Markstrat is simulation software, which works on a complex algorithm. The entire ISB students will be playing around with this for the next coming weeks. We are given an assignment whereby we have to assume the role of a marketing team of a company. We are given certain products (brands), a given market share, production assistance, a team and budget. By the end of this term, we are required to make various decisions in different periods. By the end of the term, we have done well if we have increased the net contribution and thus share price of the firm. All these decisions are made in Markstrat. Just came back from our group’s first discussions to make decisions for our Round 1. It was quite engrossing and should say I really learnt a lot. I am told this software is quite powerful and this entire simulation exercise provides learning opportunities / great insights into the marketing discipline/function.

• My marketing score for Term I was out. The score was pathetic, however, not as bad when compared to some people’s. I knew I did this badly, but the evaluation was quite strict too. Accounting results were out as well. I did reasonably well and should be well above the average and perhaps could end up with A-.

2 Responses to “miscellanea”

  1. hi anon

    thanks. kannada solpa solpa baratthe. naanu andhra huduga.


  2. Anonymous said

    good to see the face behind the blog. am getting a peek into ISB life thru many blogs like that of urs.
    taavu kannada kuvarare? 🙂


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