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Marketing Guru

Posted by itheabsolute on June 22, 2005

A good teacher is one who ignites the minds of the students; makes them think. Prof Jagmohan Raju (of Wharton), who is here to teach us Marketing Decision Making, is thus far the best Prof at ISB. He has a great ability to be able to explain complex subjects in a simple fashion. Add to this, he brings wit into his discussions. He is not so much concerned about what the answer to a problem is as he is about the way one approaches the problem in arriving at the answer. The process of thinking matters. He also has been doing a great job in making us relate what we learnt in other subjects to the marketing concepts/issues. A unique feature about his classes relates to the method he applies for cold calling. The photo of the student who he is going to cold call appears on the screen. I guess during his ten sessions, he will cover entire students. He has also been able to enthuse student interest in the subject and enable them participate in classroom discussions. It just took him one class to bring new perspectives about marketing. Will I develop interest in marketing before the course ends? Perhaps, yes.

If someone wants to specialize in marketing, ISB is the place to be.

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