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Enter Term II

Posted by itheabsolute on June 12, 2005

Alvin Toffler had a theory on why time runs faster as life moves on. When I was ten year old, one year was a tenth of my life; when I became thirty, one year was a thirtieth of my life. Obviously, the thirtieth of life is much shorter than the tenth of life. So, I felt that one year went by faster when I was thirty than it was when I was ten. Time indeed is running faster. The five day break appeared too short and just whizzed past. However, I almost completed all tasks I had set to when the term break happened.

We are back to grinding – phase II. Don’t know whether the break was needed at all. A lot of us will curse when we go back to the class tomorrow as we will have to do the adjustment game all over again. We had scarcely got used to sitting in a class when the break came. This time, the fun is that the guys who attended evening sessions will attend morning sessions and we guys who attended morning session will attend evening session. Our PGP office would perhaps claim that this is just being fair. But it is also a part of the game where we are required to get used to all types of situations. Most of the guys attending morning sessions had gotten used to siesta. Now that can’t happen. Perhaps, will continue to see some people sleeping in class. Others will be thrilled. They don’t have to get up early, won’t miss their breakfasts.

To me, the subjects covered in Term II are more interesting. Strategy; Macroeconomics; Decision making & Optimization (DMO); and Marketing Decision Making (MDM). I love the former two subjects. Macroeconomics is not an alien subject to me. DMO is something I desperately want to learn. Marketing – I just need to clear this to get my degree.

The learnings from Term II will be greater than those from Term I. The learnings will follow compounding rule. Learnings from Term III will be much greater than those from Term II. As we reach our last term, it will have an exponential effect and each day will add greater value than the previous day. Yet again, we have a line of fantabulous teachers who will shower gyan on us. I am ready for tomorrow’s class having done my pre-reading.

Come what may, what I will not want to miss during the next terms at ISB are reading HBR and the Economist; researching banking, micro-credit and consulting industries; and having my Saturday and Sunday evenings free for my wife.

5 Responses to “Enter Term II”

  1. Metal said

    Just select any word, press Ctrl-k, and a ‘pop-up’ would pop-up.Place the URl there.

  2. hi metal

    thnx. dint know this game was being played on various blogs. losing touch with blog world.

    will do my tag once i get a hang of how to add links in the posts. am tech challenged 😦


  3. hi flight2mba

    thanks. can’t see ur blog.


  4. Metal said

    Have got into the ‘Tag’ game and have tagged you. Please check out my blog.

  5. flight2mba said

    All the best! May you be “Bruce Lee” as you enter the dragon, or should i say Term-II.

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