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Thinking – the computer way

Posted by itheabsolute on July 19, 2005

Paper based descriptive exams are difficult to manage. It has been many years since I have used papers to write essays. Most of the writing is on the computer. The result of this is that, I have flexibility of not following any particular logic or order in my writing, or more importantly thought. I can always randomly put my thoughts on the computer. Later, edit the entire write up by juxtaposing the thoughts, which are closely related and thereby create cogency, order and logic in what I write. When I am writing on paper, I do not have the flexibility of this edit facility. I need to organize my thoughts before I put the pen to paper. But the mind has lost the habit of getting thoughts in orderly fashion. About 5+ years is a long time and habits do change. The mind has gotten used to thinking the computer way and cannot easily adapt to thinking the paper way.

Today’s strategy paper was the first time that we were asked to write descriptive answers. Our abilities to think and integrate various learnings from the Strategy sessions were tested. On one side, it was fun because this truly represents what a manager is supposed to do; on the other, it was cruel because our minds have become incapable of thinking ‘order’.

2 Responses to “Thinking – the computer way”

  1. anon555

    many of the exams were objective. others were math oriented. so to that extent there wasnt really any exam till strategy that was purely descriptive.


  2. Anon 555 said

    Are the other exams not descriptive in nature?

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