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Trauma and Transformation

Posted by itheabsolute on July 17, 2005

The lack of excogitation will I hope be seen with sympathy, if not empathy. In the past few days, the mind has been stuffed with a whole lot of numbers, graphs, concepts, cases, formulae, what not and what more. It just broke down about an hour ago resisting any further infusion.

We have our Term II exams on 18th and 19th. The time is running at breakneck pace, allowing the mind little time to recuperate and get a sense of what it is being battered with. The body is in no better state, what with sleep deprivation and bulimia.

‘Trauma Transforms’ was the most interesting buzz-phrase on the campus. It was easy to talk about and fanciful to use. People have gone to the extent of fancying to transform trauma itself. Now with trauma really getting to us and deforming our being in the ways we have rarely been used to in the last many years, the phrase is the most loathed.

As we undergo this experience, I eagerly but with hope look forward to a transformation that was intended, but not emerging on its own. As an HBS alum had put in his article which was circulated around – Transformation is fine, but into what?

2 Responses to “Trauma and Transformation”

  1. Sundeep


    Conceptually, i appreciate what you say, and religiously try and do that.

    However, trauma, by definition, will lead a person to be incapable of strength, energy, etc. Fighting it is easier said than done. But one has never achieved anything without trying.


    agree with you, trauma, by definition, will

  2. sundeep said

    best of luck for ur exams Vijay…. I feel to an extent one can control the transformation due to trauma… The trauma may lead to a very high energy state…In case of a failure one should not get into a negative spiral of thoughts and depression… The challenge is to note all the lessons learnt and also think of the probable positive things from the episode (there HAS to be one or more)!! So ultimately one is a winner, traumatizing the trauma !!

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