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Rebuilding an identity

Posted by itheabsolute on July 14, 2006

It has been many moons.

Many things happened. I got a little away from being a banker and a little closer to being a consultant. I have tamed powerpoint enough to get things done. My tryst with excel is still sometime away. Mumbai has become worse. I have seen more bollywood people. And hey, I got my first paycheck in 15 months…

If someone is reading this hoping for some gyan on what it will be for career shifters – those who come from line management to consulting, I have a few words, not many.

Consulting is a different planet. It will take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months unlearn the methods one has picked up in line management. The content that one gets from previous job is useful. But the methods will be taught / learnt. The methods involve more of rigor, attention to detail, being structured, and simply organized. Thats actually more than I thought I had to say.

Meanwhile, I will continue my efforts to build my identity as a consultant.

PS: For those who have clicked on the URL in the last few days and found nothing new, my apologies. I really did not have bandwidth enough to write as I would have liked to. Not that this post has anything to offer. But then, no better way to shoo away writers block than to write….

10 Responses to “Rebuilding an identity”

  1. Hi all

    Thanks for your comments. The ISPs at both office and home had blocked blogger. I got a chance to reply now.


  2. Harikesh said

    Hi Vijay

    Nice to c u back in action. Believe me in excel, things get complicated bcos we want to write that crazy formula in on ego. Its like Math, break it steowise and just rearrange them back into one cell….Learnt it the hard way, now doing that everyday in valuations.

  3. SABYASACHI said

    Vijay, congratulations for your first pay check after 15 months….
    Keep posting. Great reading them first as an ISB aspirant and now as an isbian.

  4. Chanakya said

    Hey Vijay,

    Good luck.

    I crunched numbers in 45 MB excel files. If I can help in any way in excel, let me know.


  5. Kapil said

    grt 2 have u bck !!

  6. jasmine said

    good that there’s a post…but nothing really new to offer…still not bad coz like u put it wat better than post a post on the blog! 🙂

    but still awaiting the details coz this barely gives a rough idea to where ur getting to say wat Exactly it is!

  7. shipra said

    hey! welcome back 🙂
    btw..recently rediscovered that i had created a blog on blogspot and saw a comment that you left AGES ago..in october asking abt my other blog.
    Well..here it is: zahen.livejournal.com

  8. HMTG said

    Good to see you BLOG again,and good to know that you in spirits enough after what happened in Mum..So its back to comp strat then….


  9. Kishore said

    Though busy with Term-II end exams, I have been visiting your blog for your new post…

  10. Resolute said

    Good to see you back on the blog. Looking forward to reading more of your ‘transition’ insights!

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