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Life is good

Posted by itheabsolute on June 16, 2006

Some perks that I am enjoying….

1. Office (temporary) in a five star hotel
2. My desk is next to the Frech Window which overlooks the Arabian Sea and of course the (in)famous bandstand. While the sea waves keep hitting the rocks quite monotonously, there is quite a variety behind the rocks themselves.
3. Go home for lunch
4. Get to see Bollywood celebrities, at least one a day
5. Free-to-use gym (yet to use)

Travel will be limited till we hit the projects (some of us who joined are already on projects). As we are a start up, working mostly on business development -Researching (trying to pull out relevant and credible info), learning to make PPTs (quite tough), and writing proposals are somethings which I am working on good part of my time. Patience, not abundant with me, is a quintessential attribute needed to do all of the above things. Getting there………..

9 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi Why are you not posting any updates about your job kind off….

  2. who would have thought ppts could be tough.

    you make consulting sound ubercool

    keep up the good work
    (your junior)

  3. Kapil said

    sure dude…but the yahoo msgr is quite unreliable behind the offc firewall …skype or googletalk shd b a bttr idea.. il email u my id

    btw try office 2007 (beta) ..ppt’s have 3d animation and wht not..it rockz absolutly ,provided ur machine has 2 gb of RAM

  4. jasmine said

    yep i made my decision n will be attending the one in europe! school starts first week on sept.
    so will leave soon. btw im fm bbay too 🙂

  5. Hi Girish

    sure, it is cool….how is life…



    catch up sometime on chat


    how is life….am sure u will enjoy it no matter what the rest of things are….

    give a buzz if u happen to come to mumbai


    thanks for dropping by

    i am not referring to the usual PPTs we make. consulting PPTs are quite structured and have a lot of graphics, tables, and what not….week down the line, i am comfortable with PPTs

    did u make a decision on ur school..when r u attending.

    will surely write more about job…..


  6. jasmine said

    heyt thats neat! well how come u are finding ppt tough? i mean thats a bit surprising…..and still awaiting a few posts abt ur job n profile like…..
    congrats 🙂 n have fun! tc

  7. Chandra said

    Yeah Vijay ,

    Nothing as comforting as a small walk to the office and the ability to go home for lunch. Nothing as comfy as having the option of going home for lunch.

    Good to see that you are enjoying your stay and work. Same story here.

    Chandra ( codecutter )

  8. Kapil said

    aaahh ..the good life !!

  9. Giks said

    wow – shud be a really cool staring at the sea from ur office!

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