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Transition Time

Posted by itheabsolute on June 10, 2006

Being good with a tool that can help analyze data, and being good at making PPT slides are two qualities which a consultant cannot afford not to have. But these two are just tools. These matter at the micro-level.

Being able to make smart assumptions and build hypotheses which are verifiable through data and being able to convey the message/findings through the PPT slides are more important attributes.

At the top of the pyramid will be the ability to understand business issues at macrolevel, relate to people and understand what they want. It need not be just the client. It can be team mates, boss, anyone in the form, or any other person who supports our work.

What out of these aspects of work one needs / uses most depends on which level one is at.

Given that our firm is a start up in India, we get to do a lot more things than just being a newly hired consultant. There are a lot of opportunities to learn things which will be with us for a long time.

Everyone in the firm believes in keeping the weekend free to be with the family. That is quite a thing. When you know that you will have to time to be family, it gets quite easy to stretch during week days. Of course, it is even easier when the work is enjoyable………

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