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Mumbai Diary

Posted by itheabsolute on June 4, 2006

It has been a long gap. It is too early to write about what it feels to be a management consultant. We have been undergoing training, which feels like ISB-extension. A few partners have flown in from far away places to train us. The entire org is quite enthu about the new hires and the new office in India. So much so that the global CEO is expected to be in India this month end to spend good amount of time with each of us. I more or less know what I am going to do for the next one or two months. The work is going to be exciting, no doubt. I await all the new things and the unpredictability that a consultant’s life will bring along.

Mumbai has been both kind and unkind. Kind because I dont have to navigate through the roads of Mumbai. My office and house are separated by about 4 minutes. Unkind because the weather has been heavy resulting in my catching cold and a little bit of fever.

But then that is how life is………….

PS: Hope to be regular now that I have internet at home too.

9 Responses to “Mumbai Diary”

  1. hi maverick



  2. Maverick said

    a bit late in the day… but welcome to mumbai 🙂

  3. hi nomad

    thanks. r u workin in mumbai?


    my mail ID is vijay.mulbagal@yahoo.com. thanks

    hi indian blogger

    thanks. hows queen’s? hows life in canada?


    it is too early for me. but sure, will share my own perspective of the consulting world


    yup. your words are prophetic….

    hi parveen

    how have u been. will catch up some time. thanks


  4. Parveen Leekha said

    Hi Vijay,
    I have also joined in Mumbai. Lucky to read that you have got home. I’m yet to find one. Mail me your number I will call some time.

  5. Kapil said

    grt man..! keep postin…but i do get tht its gnna b tuff..i havent been able 2 post anthin since long…2 busy wrkin

  6. Anuj said

    Do keep u sposted on how it is to be a consultant.. i am reading “Business COnsulting” to get apeek into consulting.. but i am sure ur real life exp wuld be better 🙂

  7. I like the way you write.All the best for your new job.

  8. Krish said

    Hey vijay,
    Have been following your blog for quite sometime. It is good. I have something discuss with thro mail.It is all about carrer, consulting etc,. Can you give me your mail id.

  9. Nomad said

    am a regular to your blog’s rss ,and so u land in mumbai after a yr at highderabad
    well then ,welcome to mumbai !


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