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A new journey

Posted by itheabsolute on May 25, 2006

Found a nice flat at Bandra in Mumbai. Will be moving there on 30th. Way back in 1996, I started my career in Mumbai and now I will start my second career from there. Mumbai never lets one down as far as learning, opportunities and growth are concerned. But when it comes to quality of life in terms of roads, traffic, cleanliness, a decent place to live, et al, Mumbai quite disappoints.

Any new thing is always exciting because of the unanticipated twists and opportunities it can bring in life. Only as things get old that they tend to get too predictible and many times quite boring.

Let’s see where this new journey takes me…

PS: My next post will be after I join my employer…

13 Responses to “A new journey”

  1. Hi Captain and Anurag

    Thanks a lot.

    Sure, you will see us guys a few times on campus…..


  2. Bhanamati said


    Welcome to Mumbai.. and wish you best of luck. I am from Mumbai, but currently in longing of mumbai…


  3. Resolute said

    Good Luck Vijay … Looking forward to hearing some first hand DC gyaan from you.

    All the best!

  4. ford prefect, amit, kapil, jb, pani, wundergal, jasmine, anuj, anon

    thank you all for the wishes.


  5. Anonymous said

    Good luck.

  6. Anuj said

    Hey Vijay Good luck and hope you make a big mark in your new job!!

  7. jasmine said

    Hey All the Best! but but but i must say tat mumbai’s faaaaaar better a city in terms of traffic, pollution et al. i dont know to which other city ur comparing it to but if u step outta the city – say to pune, delhi etc its gonna be even worse! so u shld be prepared 4 even more jus in case u’ll have to travel 4 ur new job!

  8. Anonymous said


    All the Best!



  9. Wundergal said

    Good Luck Vijay!

  10. Anonymous said

    all the best vijay!!

  11. Kapil said

    congrtzz vijay..wish u the very best…even the d bars have opened up ;)in anticipation

  12. amit said

    vijay – does DC have an office in Mumbai?

  13. Congratulations Vijay .. and wish you all the very best that Mumbai has to offer …

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