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Posted by itheabsolute on May 21, 2006

Relocating is usually easy for me because I generally belong nowhere. But moving to Mumbai is always pain because finding the right house is not easy. Another one week and I will move to Mumbai.

I went to ISB today – played squash and bought more ISB t-shirts, which I feel like wearing every other day. Spoke with a few guys from the Class of 2007. The initial hype and mania associated with the first term and first mid-term exams seem to have gone away. Business is as usual there. The school or the people there do not miss us – because none of them exists to miss us. Many of us will, however, continue to have this ISB hangover………

6 Responses to “Hangover”

  1. yashovardhan


    i am just a few days away from moving to Mumbai. not sure if i can come now. but will surely come sometime






    agree…none of the ISBians would like the hangover fade away.



    my email is vijay.mulbagal@yahoo.com. do send a mail with specifics. will get back to u.


  2. jasmine said

    hey vijay! now i have to make a choice bet 2 good b-school. one’s in usa-boston while the other is in europe-both are well renowned

    now the prob is the one is europe doesnt provide a concentration in fiancne! so its more towards strategy,leadership, innovation as opposed to the other one which stresses on finance. Under “Careers” section for the europ. b-school it says majority of ppl get placed into consultin. dats wen i rem. even ur into te same field. if u rem i asked u prev as well….wld like toknowe more abt ur job profile and if poss can i get ur email to talk in length? KINDLY REPLY ASAP.THNX

  3. jasmine said

    thnx! i just read ur blog….n wen i was doing my H.W came across these n other few websites 🙂 guess wat? i got in to the school i wantedd yipei! 🙂

  4. Anonymous said

    I enjoy this hangover in a funny sort of way… don’t know if I want it to fade 🙂

  5. Anonymous said

    I also felt the same as you when I passed out of 2004 i.e. the hangover. Now it’s business as usual. Give it some time and this hangover will also fade.


  6. you came to isb today, please just shoot a mail the next time you are here,

    heard lots about you, there are many here who would love to meet you

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