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On Liberty

Posted by itheabsolute on May 13, 2006

On Liberty by John Stuart Mill has been a major influence in my life. A book of about 100 pages but a very difficult read. Mill’s message is simple – the individual and his liberty are absolute and unquestionable. Of course, a person’s liberty ends where someone else’s starts.

Capitalism and Democracy, as proclaimed by Fukuyama in his influential book, The End of History and the last man, in conjuction with individualism make the highest form of social evolution.

However, capitalism and democracy do not regard individualism. Capitalism is a non-starter but for collaboration and democracy disregards any form of individualism. Right to Franchise is about individualism but it can hardly influence the way we can elect our representatives. So much for individualism as the third dimension of the new society.

In a society driven by capitalism, supported by globalization and information revolution, I am not sure if individualism will thrive or die.

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