I, The Absolute

Impressions & Imitations

Posted by itheabsolute on May 11, 2006

Nothing much to write. Just scribbling down some thoughts – some mine and some someone else’s

1. People’s representative? Who can represent me; I am myself. I do not intend anybody to represent me – D H Lawrence

2. If it could have been done, it would have been done, provided it was tried. Since it is not done, either conclusion is possible. It cannot be done or it has not been tried

3. Knowledge is built on the edifice of leisure

4. Fedora complex – the fear of ageing. All will succumb to it

5. As many people so many minds/kinds

6. I want to live in the world on my terms – Hemmingway. That Hemmingway later committed suicide is a different matter

7. Happiness must be produced not merely consumed – G B Shaw

8. With the possible exception of equator everything begins somewhere

9. A great bliss is that the innermost thought CAN remain undivulged

10. ………..Physical comfort, indeed, is a precondition for further thought

11. I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I know. Their names are what and why and when and how and where and who ….rudyard kipling

12. Style begins with imitation (dont know who said it)

13. Conscience is mostly a matter of convenience. On things convenient to us we can be moralistic. On things otherwise a little licence is always possible.

14. Of course, I do not believe in it. But I understand it brings luck whether you believe in it or not – N Bohr

15. We will do all that is possible now. The impossible will take a little longer – Anonymous

16. The idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me – Samuel Johnson

17. Success covers a multitude of blunders – Shaw

18. Our faults irritate us most when see them in others – A Dutch proverb

19. To a friend’s house, the road is never long – anonymous

20. What is common need not be simple

21. A rebel destroys the system; a revolutionary transforms it

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