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Entropy: The Manager’s Enemy

Posted by itheabsolute on May 4, 2006

Entropy is a dangerous reality of life. Any system unattended for sometime (for maintenance or improvement) will inevitably but steadily deteriorate.

Often times, it is said – well begun is half done. But most of the poeple do begin well. It is only a little later that people cannot cope with the pace or quantity or difficulty. Energy and Focus are required for two purposes – one to keep entropy away and two to improve things. Many times, the energy and focus given are not enough even to keep entropy away.

I had seen this happening during later stages of my course at ISB. Believe me, I had begun well. I was as organized as the word organized. But, the quantum and the rigor of the work made it harder and harder to keep abreast. Managing it and improving it was possible only after expanding time (by waking more hours), by moving away from my desk and routine to take a macro view of what i was doing (so that i could develop a perspective of the task at hand), and by sticking religiously to the purpose I had set.

Being purpose driven and developing a perspective about the task can go a long way in keeping entropy away.

8 Responses to “Entropy: The Manager’s Enemy”

  1. Spew said

    Best blog list? well-done! you will always have takers for your peculiar brand of cynicism (from knowing too much) and curiosity (from knowing too little).

    I wanted to disagree with your ideas about entropy. Although the theory is scientifically accurate, i am a great believer in self-organizing eco-systems – although true for systems with some human intervention. When i neglect things, i come back and tend to find things considerably better than how they were when i left it! i’ll leave the obvious conclusions to you 🙂

  2. Hi Jasmine

    Thanks for taking time to post comments. They all mean a lot.

    will post more about my job a little later.


    Hi Prabhu

    The course is rigorous and tests our nerves. It will take time before you get used to the rigor.

    keep walking and it will not be difficult.

    all the best

    yup, in hyderabad. will come to ISB sometime in the week starting 15th of May


  3. Anonymous said

    Hi Vijay,

    Its only been a week here and I am beginning to see glimpses of what you are saying already. Three assignments on weekend one… the pressure is on, I guess… Next weekend it will be time for mid-terms already :O…

    And I completely agree with your comment on always keeping the “bigger picture” in mind…Unfortunately, I am still Painting the same:-)..

    Thanks for the keeping the blog going…U continue to inspire many.

    PRABHU (Class of ’07)

    P.S: Are u still in Hyderabad?

  4. jasmine said

    vijay….its simply for encouragement i drop in a line at ttimes like yest….though it might not make much sense. but im glad u’ll continue to blog! n its really sweet of u to get back to all ur readers 🙂

    can u tell more abt ur job profile as a consultant that wld be interesting. thnx

  5. sree

    thank you.



    thanks for the comment.



    thanks a lot. i hope to continue blogging and largely because of the encouragement from people like you. thanks


  6. Chirantan said

    Wonderful to see your name feature in the ClearAdmit Best Bloggers list. Hope your journey continues to thrill all your readers as you go on with life, post ISB!!

  7. jasmine said

    hm..so true! but some times more often than not the eneregy, focus n power needs to be driven in the rt direction!

  8. Sree said

    Congrats Vijay..on making it to Best Blog List.


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