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ISB Placements – Press release

Posted by itheabsolute on April 4, 2006

ISB is going to release its placement results tom, with the press conference starting about 11.45 am. The press conference will be simultaneously conducted at Hyderabad and Delhi. Some students also will participate in the press conference. I will be part of the press conference at Hyderabad.

Incoming students and aspirants may want to watch for news items on TV tomorrow and for headlines in the press the day after.

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Same Time, Same Day, Next Week

Posted by itheabsolute on April 2, 2006

A few parties, a few sign offs from ISB admn, taking back up of data, efforts at trying to swim, more of squash, searching for a leased accomodation at Mumbai, being a lazybone, lotsa bitching about, a few more of good movies on DVD, desperately trying to organize course material, watching TV………but not the piece that i need to prepare for – leaving this place. It appears as though this place and the routine are the integral part of my being and I cannot imagine myself not being around.

Same time, same day, Next week – I will be gone from here. And will be missing this place very badly.

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