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You are what you hide

Posted by itheabsolute on April 26, 2006

It is never possible to know another person completely. If it is ever possible to know anyone at all, that is.

This is because people never open up completely. They will always have a secret which they cannot share with anyone. Anyone. This secret will be the true self of the person. However much one may deny this truth but as long as the secret remains undisclosable – at least to one person – so long the person will just be the secret that he holds.

Though this may appear as a very cynical view of people, it is never far from the truth. Having said that, it is not practical to reveal everything. It will get people into troubles; it may mar relationships; it may hurt others. I am also not propogating that people should open up fully. All that needs to be said is that people cannot be fully understood if they have secrets. And people represent their secrets more than what they disclose.

The quadrant ‘I know, Others don’t know’ of Johari’s window is always the most profound and the truest.

PS: the title and the idea are courtesy Mahesh Bhatt

4 Responses to “You are what you hide”

  1. Maverick said

    iv read somewhere

    “in big things, we show ourselves the way we want to be seen…
    in little things, we show ourselves the way we are…”

    holds very true for each one of us i guess…

  2. Thanks for writing.

    Mahesh Bhatt had written an article on this subject.

    Clearadmit reads the blogs of a few students from various b-schools across the world. i guess it starts with reading a few blogs and then selects 2 or 3 blogs from each school which it follows regularly (for various reasons). clearadmit nominates the blogs for best of blogging awards. after that, the nominated bloggers are required to vote for the blogs which they think are good on various parameters. a panel of judges at clearadmit and special invited judges also decide the ranking of the blogs


  3. Anonymous said

    oh n btw….the link’s helpful for future mba’s but did u have to participate in this clearblog admit or watever its called?

  4. Anonymous said

    wat do u mean…the title and idea’s courtesy Mahesh bhatt….?

    is this a storyline fm one of his movies?

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