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Fruits of labor

Posted by itheabsolute on April 26, 2006

It is hard…… why hard….. it is not even desirable to keep working and not expect any result out of it. The fruits of labor are what make the labor easy and interesting. Having said that, one should keep expectations realistic considering one’s own skills and efforts. The epsilon factor, of which i am quite fond, plays its role and any mismatch in results and expectations can be attributed to this epsilon factor.

Desirable is one part. Happiness is the other, which emerges when the results are positive.

Just in case you feel that I am boring you with some philosophical stuff, here is the news.

Clearadmit announced its Best of the Blogging results. I made it to the top 10 – to the 6th position to be precise.

This should keep me motivated to continue blogging.

16 Responses to “Fruits of labor”

  1. hi aman


    how have u been. good and easy days before a lot of hardwork at Mck?


  2. amandeep said

    hi vijay,
    congratulations on the top 10 ranking.


  3. Hi Srihari

    Thanks a ton!


  4. Srihari said

    Hey Vijay

    You do us proud man! Hearty congratulations and I’m looking forward to bigger laurels from your end!

    Take care.


  5. swapnil

    thanks. good to know that u guys have started to act. all the best.


    thanks for the wishes


    thanks for your wishes. sure, i will continue to blog.


  6. Anonymous said

    I am repeating,simplicity
    of heart always succeeds,
    so now there is reason to continue
    with your blog,
    congrats and best wishes

    “””””Anonymous said…
    Great VJ:

    You succeed in all like success
    Best Wishes

    Sunday, April 16, 2006 8:35:23 AM “”””””

  7. Kapil said

    congratzz !!

  8. Vijay,
    Great stuff, keep it up!
    Even though its just pre term week, am already starting to realize the advice on your blog ‘be disciplined, be organized’! A few thoughts are being converted to actions, not just plain talking 😉 Congrats once again & hope to see you soon!


  9. raj



  10. hi kishore
    thanks a ton. will keep walking….


  11. forrest gump

    thanks. i had voted for you on a couple of sections…..:-)


  12. hi resolute
    u have an opportunity to get nominated under the students category. i will repeat my thoughts. record your perspective of life on your blog and it will stand out.

    am sure u will do a good job. all the best

  13. Raj said


  14. Richly deserved position..
    Keep it up, Vijay, and keep the adrenalin flowing..
    and keep challenging the neurons !!!

  15. congratulations. your posts are generally pretty interesting, and i believe that’s why you deserve that place in the top 10 list.

  16. Resolute said

    I know at least one voter for you -me.

    No such luck for me – in fact i did not even vote for myself. I know for sure that I have a long way to go before I become a quality blogger

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