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A new ISB

Posted by itheabsolute on April 22, 2006

One good thing while we were at ISB was the meeting with the Dean. Some of us from the Class of 2006 felt that there were certain things with the school which could be better if people – the management and the students themselves – were a little more proactive. The class of 2006 made a few mistakes

1. not electing the proper student representatives.
2. not making them accountable to us
3. not demanding transparency
4. not putting enough emphasis on the initiatives from CAS and the coordination between the placom and the CAS
5. not demanding enough action from certain offices of the school.

The school is still in an evolving stage and it is right now that we need to bring changes which can take us into a different orbit.

The school has made great progress in the following

1. we have some great student profiles
2. we have international students
3. we have some students with very interesting finance backgrounds
4. the students seem to be a lot more participative. the response to the sessions by the alumni was one indicator.

We had requested the Dean that he meet students regularly through ‘lunch/tea with Dean’ schedules. Hope the new class follows up with Dean’s office and makes this happen. A meeting with Dean will be a great opportunity to give honest feedback and also take his advice.

This morning I came to know that the Dean has announced a few changes and I am glad to note them. A few of us were quite delighted because we were at least in small measure responsible for this positive change.

4 Responses to “A new ISB”

  1. Ashwin

    I take your point. This time we have had long sessions with some students. we also had a meet with the dean to bring out these lacunae.

    we have advised ‘ impeachment’ possibility, review of performance “in person” , etc to ensure that the office holders deliver on their promises.

    i had pleaded that people not vote to candidates based on ‘section” and ‘community’ feeling.

    even if 10 % change happens, it will be for good.


  2. karthik

    thanks. just bring your perspective of life on to your blog and i am sure it will stand out. it is hard work though
    all the best


  3. Anonymous said

    Hi Vijay,

    Congrats on blogging award. It is interesting to note that not much has changed on points 1 thru 3 you mentioned from my batch (2004). I don’t know how one can elect proper eligible student candidates with such limited heuristics within 3-4 weeks of joining ISB. It’s a tough nut and you have witnessed the ISB elections which is more of canvassing and interest groups.


    Class of 2004

    1. not electing the proper student representatives.
    2. not making them accountable to us
    3. not demanding transparency

  4. Karthik said


    Congrats on making the top ten list….maybe you should have imparted some blogging tips to the next batch too 🙂


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