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On Campus

Posted by itheabsolute on April 18, 2006

On campus. It is a good but different feeling. We are here only to pass the baton. After that though we remain the stakeholders we no longer belong here. The school actually only belongs to the current batch and once they graudate no longer to them.

The current batch is much larger in size but no different from how we were. Same enthu, more or less same questions, same interest in consulting, same doubts, same fears, same determination…nothing much has changed. However, the diversity within the batch is quite interesting. I believe that every batch is a random sample and when you pick a random sample you get to see all types. Diversity of sizes, thinking, backgrounds, intellect, outlook, interests is something which the students are going to quite enjoy.

Life would not be very interesting if i knew what will happen tomorrow. To keep life interesting, it is better to leave the details for the current students to discover themselves. All that I may want to talk about on campus are

1. Start making your resume. Today.
2. Be Organized.
3. Be disciplined.

The rest will all be easy and fine.

2 Responses to “On Campus”

  1. Hi Saurabh

    Thanks. How is life beyond ISB?


  2. Hi Vijay ,
    Glad to know u are on campus to pass the baton. Cant think of anyone better suited to give gyaan 😉 …

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