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Beyond ISB

Posted by itheabsolute on April 13, 2006

Context, as I believe quite strongly, is a powerful influencer of our thinking and actions. Now that the context that is ISB is now behind, what thinking and actions keep my company needs to be observed.

I will be joining my employer on June 1st. It is difficult to be completely purpose less and wander about. Or even just laze around till then. As of now, I have engaged myself with some assignment where I am helping a friend reorganize his business.

During the last days on campus, I was checking the fotos of most of the colleagues to see if there was difference in weight when they joined and leaving. Almost 90 % of them have put on weight. I checked my weight and found that I have gained about 2 kilos during the last one year on campus. The problem with campus is that, despite all the squash, swimming and gym visits, people tend to put on weight because there is no other physical activity. Studying is at the top of all sedentary activities. Have found a place to play squash….and time to bring down the weight.

I will back on campus on 16th night for orientation. Hope to meet a few friends and the class of 2007, some of whom I have come to know through interaction on the blog and mail.

Btw, the certificate we received from ISB is signed by the Deans of ISB, Wharton and Kellogg.

4 Responses to “Beyond ISB”

  1. Anonymous said

    Great VJ:

    You succeed in all like success
    Best Wishes

  2. Anonymous

    This is first time that I am involved in any sort of business reorganization.

    i am looking at the entire spectrum of issues such as product, pricing, positioning, competition, sourcing, finance, etc.

    specifically about finance, i am looking at cost (fixed & variable) and margins. there is nothing complex about these. it is just a function of what we want out of the business. my friend’s objectives are simple which makes things simpler.

    all decisions in management are a function of the business objective, which needs to be set by the promoter. of course, the objectives can keep changing as the times and shareholders change.

    keep reading mckinsey quarterly. u can subscribe to it free. also read the material available at consulting firms websites.

    there are other books if u r interested. brealy and myers covers a lot of finance.

    dont think it is too late to pursue management education…….but again it depends on what you want to make of it. career progression / career shift (difficult) / entrepreneurship (y do u need MBA degree) ………

    all the best


    believe me. it is hard not to put on weight. despite a very good recreation centre

    all the best for your efforts


  3. Kapil said

    dude u scarin me ..esp whn I was hopin tht ISB wud b sculptin my intellect as well as abdomen(next yr)..

  4. Anonymous said

    Hey VJ:

    Please recommend what practical basic aspects one should know about finance to reorganize
    a company,

    (as you are on that mission for your friend)

    please suggest some reading material for this

    thanks in advance for your help,

    is it too late to pursue MBA
    at 42, please advise

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