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Can blogs be purpose-free?

Posted by itheabsolute on April 8, 2006

Today I received my certificate for Torch Bearer Awards during an Award function. The core terms and elective terms best professors also received their awards. A small video was shown covering almost all the professors. I should say that some professors did not match our expectations only because that term would have had much better professors. As we saw the video, we felt that almost all the professors were brilliant. It is only that some were more equal than others.

Tomorrow, we graduate. It is a moment I have been waiting for. I had to make many tough decisions to realise this ambition of getting a management degree. But as i look back i can only pat myself for these decisions. Status quo is always an easy decision, but the repercussions need not be easy to handle.

I believe that blogs are purpose driven. I had started this blog when i received the amdit letter from ISB. So, in a sense, the underlying purpose of the blog was ISB.
I have tried not to make the blog an online diary. I have tried, in the manner I felt okay, to question, to argue, to share, to discuss, to convey my opinions/views/what i learnt/knew through my blog. I may not have reached truth, but then I never aimed at it too. (there are only two truths in the world (uncertainty & relativity)). I hope the blog had served some purpose and helped a few people see or think more than they did before. I enjoyed doing the blog.

Now that I graduate from ISB, I am not sure what I should share and who would be its audience. But I know that I need to reinvent myself and find a place. Maybe, I will share my thoughts about what i read in books; what i see in the business world; what i observe about people…..

If someone is rejoicing that this is the end of the blog, please pause. I am going nowhere. I will continue to blog. I cannot but blog.

PS: Thanks to GPRS and Bluetooth, I am able to connect to internet from my studio.

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