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Fact Sheet

Posted by itheabsolute on April 5, 2006

For those interested: Fact Sheet – Placements 2006 (Log on to http://www.isb.edu for detailed info)

Record International salary : USD 233,800
Average International salary : USD 120,700

Highest Indian salary : INR 30.34 lakhs
Average Indian salary : INR 11.77 lakhs

As you will read in newspapers tomorrow, the main points on which the entire ISB management and the ISB students focussed were the overall experience (learning & network), the career shifts and entrepreneurial roles. Money is important but it always chases good roles. So those were what many people at ISB were trying to chase.

PS: Laptop is unformatted, which means that i cannot access internet from my studio. Which again means that I cannot blog from there. I guess I will do one more post before I leave ISB.

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